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2014. december 08. hétfő, 15:14


(Replace to GCL-3)

For the request of users, the answer is GCL 2.2! This is on-board glow, the two-cylinder methanol engines glow. It is made from the proven GCL-2 glow with Master-slave linking.

It is very simple to setup and the integrated BEC to have so much less sensitive to the batteries and the wiring! The glow electronics developed for a two-cylinder methanol engines. Both the setting and the use of two identical GCL-2 glow.

The main technical parameters:

- Glowing:  powered with independent 3s LiPo battery (9-14V).
- Integrated dual switching power glowing BEC (max. 2×4A).
- Lipo protection against deep discharge (disable on 9V).
- Adjustable and stabilized dual glow voltage (2× 0.7-1.8V).
- Adjustable glow threshold (in total servo province).
- Adjustable glow direction (can interaction).
- Short-circuit protection.
- Independent BEC's (greater safety).
- Multi turn, vibration resistant regulatory trimmers.
- LED status indication.
- Servo-side control 4V – 6.6V.

You need to use 3s LiPo battery (11.4V) for the glow of spark plug. The recommended capacity is 1300-2200mAh. If you use an ordinary spark plug, you will pick up about 0.6-0.8A behind glowing from the battery (there are about 2× 3-4A on the two spark plug then).

Accordingly, if you glow constatly a 1500mAh battery, it can feed the circuit about 1.87h. You don’t need use the glowing of motors in full throttle province, just in idle. That’s why the flight time will be significantly bigger with one battery charge!

This glow keep adjustable and stabilized the output voltage. The settable province is 0.7V – 1.8V. The voltage needs of the ordinary glow spark plugs is 1.2V – 1.4V (factory setting 1.3V). That glowing electronics, which use simple 1.2V NiMh batterys, is very sensitive to voltage level of battery and length of cabling and quality of conecting!

Practically they drop the voltage and don’t glow more within moments.

The GCL-2.2 with its adjustable (2× 0.7V – 1.8V) and stabilized two output voltage utilize very well full of battery capacity of LiPo (its switching BEC>90% efficiency).

The circuit has protection against LiPo over-discharge, so it prevents the over-discharge of LiPo. If it dives under 9V, it blocks the glowing. If the LiPo is ready, it indicates with LED.


LiPo OK LED. If it lights, voltage of LiPo is appropriate for glowing.
Glow ON LED. If it lights, the glowing is active.


Set Master Glow Level. You can adjust the level of voltage of Master board glowing (0.7-1.8V). The output voltage rises to clockwise direction.
Set Slaver Glow Level. You can adjust the level of voltage of Slave board glowing (0.7-1.8V). The output voltage rises to clockwise direction.

Set Glow Direction. You can give the direction of glowing with it. If you use invertal gas servo, you can reverse the place of glowing with it.

Set Glow Threshold. You can give the place of glowing threshold and you can give also how long it glows upwards from idling power. (Project on way of throttle)

(setting of normal glowing window)

Explanation of signs:

Motor Stop = place of stop of motor (full shutdown)
Idle = place of idling power
Set threshold trim = adjusted glowing threshold with threshold trimmer
Full throttle = motor maximum power
Servo position = distance of throttle
Set Glow level trum = adjusted glowing power with level trimmer
Jumper setting = adjustable window mirroring with the jumper (if invertal gas servo)
Glow level = level of glowing
Glow ON = glowing is active
Glow OFF = glowing is off

The adjustment trimmers are vibration resistant and multi-turn.


It recommended to use differents batterys for glowing power supply and differents on-board servo and receiver!

You need to hook up the LiPo battery to the right polarity with minimum 0.5mm2 wire.

It recommended to a main switch will be serial connection.

The two Glow plug in the middle poles of the "Glow+" terminals, the engine body of the 'Glow- "connector terminals. Just take a negative build the engine. The cable used must be a minimum of 1 mm2. Recommended to use the cables supplied!

(Master Card Connection)

(connections on the card)

The GCL 02.02 kit includes the cables glow! Length: ~ 1m.The glow battery (LiPo) wires to solder the "Glow Battery" places (making sure the polarity is correct and suggested insertion power switch).The "Engine Hause" to be soldered to the ground cable (blue).The points "Glow Plug 1" and "Glow Plug 2" must be soldered to the motor 1 and 2 cylinders glow cable soldered.

(contents of the package)

The circuit can get the control with two solution.

1. The throttle servo channel with „Y” servo cable:

(Y cable connecting)

This solution is the easiest and don’t need to ensure seperate channel on receiver. It can adjust the  normal glowing window.

(normal glowing window)

Just as many disadvantages to the state of motor stop also glowi, so difficult to stop the engine.

2. Put separate channel on receiver:

(Free receiver channel connected)

(programmed glowing window)

This time you need to program the right glowing lower threshold on radio and upper  threshold on trimer. Then enough put the threshold somewhere near the middle on GCL-2.2. The mixes, which on this channel of radio, will supply the right glowing functions (on/off, engine stop).

Sample glowing program under ER9X (for Turnigy 9X TX):

Implemented functions:

The throttle servo is placed on 3.ch, the glow is placed on 7 ch.n,

Main switch of glowing (disable/enable) : GEAR switch,

Motor cut switch: TRN switch.

The glowing is active, if the GEAR switch on and the throttle is on idling speed (The upper section of glowing is adjusted with GCL-2.2 „pos” trimer.)

The glowing is OFF, when the motor cut is in use (for more successful stoping)


motor cut:



CH7 100 CH3   GEA


CH7 S TRN 100

After the installation, check the extent of glowing on the taken spark plug. The level is good (level trimmer), if you see that the spark plug is glowing, but not „light.”

The cables are recommended after the soldering Soldering-place the cable from the panel to fix the heat glue gun (vibrations-resistant). Finally, the included transparent heat-shrinkable sleeve shrink the whole panel with the hot air gun.


More info: rc.emiter.hu