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Installation of MegaSound 9X PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
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2013. február 03. vasárnap, 11:15


You can build this sound module on the IMAX/FLYSKY/EURGLE/TURNIGY 9X RC radios and you can vocalize with help of ER9X Firmware.

After the alteration (in that languange what you want) it will speak (messages, telemetry data and signals will be heared as speaking).

Installation of 9XR out side link:


Do it yourself technology! The radio must has an ER9X FW, if you want to operate. In the kitt there are a MegaSound 9X tone generator and a mini loudspeaker.

You need some threads thin insulated wires, a soldering-iron and a glue gun for installation. During the work you don’t need to solder on thin SMD pads!Nevetés

You need some knowledge and exercise on electronics, if you want transmute. If you deficient in these, seek professional help!

Connect the pads, which are in the edges of the sound module, with soldering! You will need to solder ends of wire on the right places of the radio panel.

MegaSound 9x home page

MegaSound 9X (dimension: 46×51×10 mm):

With the card is loaded the latest FW!
If you have a new update only!

The used connection points:

P1 – ribbon cable terminal block (data port)

First foot (marked with points) = PB7
Second foot: D0Third prop: D1
Fourth foot: D2
Fifth foot: D3

+1 – pad: battery plus (+)

-3 – pad: negative (GND)

Bp9 – pad: Beep signal from radio

SP+ - pad: on positive plug of loudspeaker

SP- - pad: on negative plug of loudspeaker

-BL – pad: negative wire of backlight

+BL – pad: positive wire of backlight

Before the transmutation, you need disassemble the radio (disconnect the battery!). Solder the original piezo zümmer and the transistor, which belongs to it, from his panel.

(beeper & transistor)

There are the beeper and his transistor on the top of the central vertical panel.

Installation connection:

(clikk for zoom!)

Used connection points on the radio:

(Connection of TX PCB)

We need just the

-3 (GND), PB7, D0, D1, D2, D3 points.

(central PCB)

In the picture you can see the soldered piezo beeper and his transistor.

The Bp (9) connect the place of transistor. The +Ub(1) get the plus tension of connected battery, if you solder it on the foot of switch.


If you want the radio
can be simulator, the +12 V must be picked from elsewhere! This little solder worse:

(if the use simulator)

Glue the mini loudspeaker thermal adhesive under the piezo beeper to sound grid of the radio box! Care must be that the membrane can move back and forth freely!


Put the insulation tape (for example, adhesive sponge) between the radio and MegaSound 9X, and put the module on it, then fasten on some places with heat gun! Observe the movability of SD card! If the blacklight hasn’t been integrated yet, do it before the work! If you use HK (LED) blacklight, the red wire is the plus and the black one is the negative. After we fill these, solder into the module with correct polarity! Install everything insulated!

(insulated lock)

Solder the wires to the correct places, then fasten the cables with heat gun on some places.

(lock of wires)

If we use HK backlight, pick off the two thin (red and black) wires, what go on the extension cord, and use this! We don’t need the original extension cord.

Care must be that under the gambel, don’t be there hanging wire!

I put a sponge under the loudspeaker because of the better sounding (it won’t be so boxed voice).Vigyor

(palliative absorbent sponge)


We need to tune in the radio to the sound card this way:

(MegaSound setup)

Don’t forget to install the sound set on the memory stick!

(HQ English Voice set)

Use 22kHz, 16bit Wav sound files, SD card format FAT16 or FAT32.

More voice files:

Voice forum

Everyone evolve own radio at your own risk! We don’t assume any responsibility for the resulting damage!

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Good luck!