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MegaSound 9X update PDF Nyomtatás E-mail
Írta: Magi István   
2013. február 18. hétfő, 16:16

New! V4 Update

Internal software of MegaSound 9x (Fw) is continuously evolving too (synchronized with ER9x).

Update of this is possible in several ways.

1. Programme through on a P2 connector with an USBASP programmer.

2. Thorugh on RS232 serial port (immediate with PC).



If you want to use the first point, firstly you need to prepare a connector translator cable between the MegaSound 9x and USBASP programme.

(connection of translator cable)

After you need to copy the programmer software and the new FW. Download and unpack on the C driver, under a folder (e.g. C:\AVR) the next file:

V4 Update

Before the burning you need to switch off the radio and need to pull out the microSD card from MegaSound 9x.
Connect the translator cable on P2 connect line with the correct polarity (a point indicate the first pad). Start the "SetFusesAndProgram.bat" file.
Firstly this tune in the Fuses and after burn the "combined.hex" Fw. The combined.hex contain the boot loader and main programme.
After the burning, take off the cable and put the microSD back and after that you can test.
Only this method can be suitable for the total programming.


If you want to use the second point, you need to built the RS232C cable connection between MegaSound 9x and PC.
The prerequisite of update is that the bootloader will be installed on MegaSound 9x.
Details later...